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Starting Over

Hey everyone, this is going to be my first official blog post for my new site. Over the past several years that have been a ton of people who have helped me along the way. This can include friends that I’ve made along the way–who have pushed me when I wanted to give up–to my loving family supporting me all the same. Where my writing has taken me down many paths, all your support has remained the same, and for that, I sincerely thank you. With that out of the way, let’s get started.

My First Book

Maybe not all of you know about this (even though a lot of you do) this is my first book! It’s 100% written out and even somewhat edited. I wrote it with a close friend I had who was also an author and writing this is what sparked my interest in becoming an author. The thought of becoming an author is spectacular, however, it’s not as easy as that. So even though it’s written, that doesn’t mean it’s a book.

In February 2020 I’ve officially became a freelance writer. After working on another series titled Heroes and Vigilantes which has also been an enlightening experience. It’s one of my most ambitious writing projects I’ve ever done existing in a similar yet very different genre than We Stood Alone. (By the way, all these projects will soon be adding to a separate page you can visit here. It may not be added immediately, but I promise it’ll be there this week!) This new book absorbed my life entirely. If writing projects were kids, it would be the newborn child brought home to meet the rest of the family. However, if there is a second child, then what happened to the first one? That’s right, it was left on the shelf to gather dust.

It still exists even if the condition could be better. I have it in front of me as I write this first entree. After peeling back that dirty dingy cover, I dived back into the world that I created–that we created–and I was taken back. To a better time in my life when I was younger with less burdens and responsibilities. A life where I just wrote and took solace in my work. It’s not good, not by a mile, but it exists. My original kid is living and breathing and I have been neglectful to them.

I guess this is me announcing that We Stood Alone will resume editing and possibly be self published, assuming I’m willing to put in the work. I’m genuinely thrilled to share my experience with all of you as I tussle the beast that is the world of writing once more. Thank you to everyone who read this first initial post and I hope to see you soon! 🙂

(P.S: Check below for a little look into the book I’ll be picking back up)

“The Facility had a secret hidden behind those four massive walls. Subjects were sorted from A to Z by their last names. What would happen once they reached the end; once they reached Z?”