Writing Projects

Title: We Stood Alone

Genre: YA Romance/Action (With heavy sci-fi influences)

Synopsis: This story follows two people thrown into an unfortunate situation. Dominique Mathews (Dom) is a test subject of the mysterious Facility whose goals are unknown to even him. As he plots with others to escape the prison he’s found himself in, he’ll have to make some difficult decisions in order to escape. Maxine Doyle (Max) is a normal girl living in a city that’s been far too kind to her. With her mother and sister being taken by the Facility, her curiosity of what actually happens there is far too much to handle. All she wants is to get inside and find out what happened to her now fractured family. One wants to get out while the other wants to get in. When these two conflicting interests collide, will either of them find what they’re looking for?

Meet the Characters

Dominique Mathews (Dom): Dom is a man in his early twenties who has had an unfortunate life. At his lowest moment, he was offered a chance to start again. Blinded by tempting promises, he had no other choice but to accept. Over the years, he found himself wrapped up in the Facility. He now sits at the core of it all and knows the truth. The world doesn’t give out free passes; it provides a wealth of possibilities and equally takes them away. There is no giving without taking.

Maxine Doyle (Max): Max is a girl who turned eighteen not that long ago. A young girl who has always had issues growing up in Houston. She dreamed of living in a big city to escape the niceties of being a small town girl. However, Houston isn’t at all what she expected. When a new Regulation came into play, her family was split down the middle. They took her mom and twin sister from her leaving Max’s family splintered. They are running out of money and she lives with a constant fear of losing her father–the only remaining Elder in the household. All she wants to do is go into that skyscraper looming in the distance. What’s inside? Is her family safe? These questions are easier to ask than to solve.

Title: Heroes and Vigilantes (Cover coming soon!)

Genre: Superhero Fiction (School Life)

Synopsis: Kids becoming super heroes used to be a distant memory that only existed in fiction. When the world become fictitious, these kids soon live at the center of society filled to the brim with heroes. Living in a golden age of heroes–long after the war centuries ago, heroes become the center of every child’s fantasy job. The attendees of the Cyrus King Alumni strive to obtain this goal. They are the cream of the crop of potential heroes. With the looming threat of the Vigilantes squashed long ago, Cyrus’ school thrives. However… when a new threat surfaces that threatens the kids, can Cyrus promise the safety of his students?